Andy Murray pays off session keyboardist Dean Klevatt at Riverside Studios, Chiswick, November 1979. L. to R.: Nigel Dick (bs), Andy Murray (vcls, gtr), Nick Garnett (drs), Dean Klevatt (keys) Photo: George Bodnar.

First Art and its Rewards

Have a look at the photo above. It is November 1979, and three young hopefuls have just laid down their first single A and B sides in an attempt to achieve immortality.

It has been a long day: starting at lunchtime, setting up the gear, doing a runthrough, then waiting till 6 o’clock to start recording, because the bass player didn’t want to take time off work.
After that the session gathered pace. Aided by Lene Lovich keyboard player Dean Klevatt, the Stiff All-Stars (for it is they) powered through the all-original ‘Maybe Tonight’ and a stomping version of the Cliff/Jerry Lee classic ‘It’ll Be Me’ to the approval of producer Philip Rambow and some close friends.
As the session draws to a close, Dean suddenly asks for a fee! With characteristic generosity the lead singer provides Dean with every coin in his pocket, and famed photographer George Bodnar is there to catch the moment. The exact fee is not recorded, but it must have been North of at least 30p by the look of the coins.
Note the time on Dean’s watch – 10 to 1 in the morning!
Thanks to George, who only this week discovered this dusty neg in his vaults. Check out his work at
Thanks also to Dean for his great work on the tracks.
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