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David Hepworth, top man of his WORD magazine, called up out of the blue last month proposing lunch, at which he requested that I wrote a ‘First Person’ feature for Word, covering my time at Stiff. In particular he wanted to mark the transition of UK Independent labels from enthusiastic amateurs into fully-fledged professionals. Well, I would never class what we did at Stiff as being amateurish, and in fact we prided ourselves on being better than anyone, bar none, but it is true that the nature of the record business changed in the 1980s, with much more emphasis on singles translating into album sales, rather  than the two formats existing separately.

Extremely flattered, I wrote the feature, and it ran in the magazine this week, from the 12th of May. No sooner had it hit the shelves, (gaining feedback from our pals around the globe), than David emailed to ask me to contribute to the Word PodCast – a repeat engagement for me, having bantered with David and Mark Ellen on mic last August. David and Mark were indulgent enough to let me slip in a few plugs for the All-Stars, having clearly not played the CDs I’d given them, but I did point out that ‘Something For The Weekend’ had the same title as their weekly email roundup.

I checked their website for the PodCast listing yesterday and – swipe me! – they, or Third Man Frazer Lewry, had not only plugged me as the week’s PodGuest, but also added a link to the ‘Something For The Weekend’ video on their front page! A very timely plug, as it happens, because promotion man Neil Cossar of Absolute Promotion is just about to mail out the single to all manner of folk. Now, if only Nigel can be persuaded to edit the Version 2 video featuring the kids’ dance routine….



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