All-Stars Single Video: The Shoot Heard Around The World (We Hope)

Stiff All-Star Nigel Dick does have a day job; as a director for film & TV, he has made over 300 music videos for the likes of Britney Spears, Guns N’ Roses, Nickelback, Paul McCartney and Oasis, so you’d expect him to want his own band’s promo clip to be special. Well, it might indeed be special, because his idea is to invite footage of fans singing or playing along to the track to be submitted to him from all around the world.

Thanks to YouTube and the growth of viral clips and User-generated Content, it’s now common to see home-shot footage on News channels and fansites. The idea for the video for the new Stiff All-Stars single ‘Something For The Weekend’ takes it one step further: anyone can hear the music via YouTube, check out the lyrics and the chords, and film their own section of the song – as long as they know someone with a Camcorder.

They then send it to the band and Nigel will cut it together into a promotional video clip at his studio in Los Angeles. There’s no money involved, but people around the world can at least see themselves edited professionally to a finished brand-new song. There are a couple of restrictions (apart from the boundaries of good taste and legality): good quality clips can be quite large files, so it’s recommended that fans film only one line of the song .Larger files can be sent free using file-sending services such as or Files should be NTSC standard and submissions are restricted to adults over 18 years old.

Nigel’s introductory video instructions, plus the whole song with lyrics and chords can be seen at

Nigel says: ‘Now that we have the technology for exchanging moving pictures and creative ideas at the click of a mouse, I’m fascinated with the thought of, for once, having no control over the images submitted. There’s no script, no concept, no direction as such, so I’m totally at the mercy of what gets sent in. For the music fan or budding star, it’s sort of like ‘RockBand’ but without the cost, and with the chance of someone beyond your own living room seeing your genius. I love the idea of connecting with people all around the globe, so I hope we get a lot of submissions – and the further afield the better. ’

Submissions are requested to mention name, home town & country at the start of each Quicktime NTSC clip. For files less than 5 Megabytes, please email them to: Files larger than 5 megabytes can be sent via or Destination email address remains Get shooting!

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  1. ha ha ha !!!!! Right…getting my old plastic trousers down from the loft, back combing my hair, filling in the wrinkles,taking my cod liver oil tablets, setting the web cam and lights – camera – action !! ahhhhhhh XXXX ( Please note: this will be a comedy element!!)